Researchers have found that certain food types can increase inflammation in your body therefore aggravating arthritic pain.

Apart from reducing the inflammation in your body, reducing or eliminating these foods from your diet may also improve on the general well-being of your body.

Foods that should be avoided:


Fried and Processed Foods

They contain loads of omega 6 fatty acid, and while some of it is good, too much of it will upset the balance of omega 6 and 3 in the body, resulting in increased inflammation.

Refined Starch and Sugary Food

Sugar causes the body to release inflammatory messengers called cytokines. Main culprits are soft and carbonated drinks, but some experts suggest that all added sugars be reduced.

Trans Fats

Commonly found in processed foods, these partially hydrogenated oils are known to increase inflammation in the body.

Dairy Products

Saturated fat found in dairy products are known to cause inflammation, a simple switch to low-fat dairy products may be a better option.

Red Meat

Contains high levels of arachidonic acid, which exacerbates pain and inflammation. Keep to 1-2 servings a week.

And of course, emu oil can be ingested or applied topically to manage the inflammation caused by arthritis. Try an Emu Tracks emu oil product for a fast acting all natural relief from your arthritic pain.