Regular exercise may seem counter intuitive when the pain from inflammation is tormenting you, but keeping active has its merits.

Why Does Exercise Help?

Exercising helps to improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles to help you in managing the symptoms of arthritis effectively, apart from that it also promotes general well-being.

What’s Right For Me?

There are 3 types of exercise that’s recommended for sufferers of arthritis.

  1. Muscle Strengthening Exercises: Resistance bands, weight lifting and yoga.
  2. Flexibility Exercises: Stretching and yoga.
  3. Balance Exercises: Walking backwards, standing on one foot and tai chi.
How Can I Start?

If you haven’t exercised in a long time, start off by finding the right level of physical activity. Try to be realistic about the amount and level of exercise that you are able to do and lastly choose an activity you like so it’s easier for you to stick with it.

What Should I Look Out For?

Pain and discomfort might be common if you are starting a new fitness program, it might take up to 8 weeks before your muscle and joints get used to the new routine, but sticking to your activity program will result in long-term pain relief. Talk to your healthcare practitioner or certified exercise professionals, they will be able to answer your questions on how much and what types of activity to undertake to suit your ability and health goals.

Consult Your Doctor If You Experience Any of The Following:

  • Pain that is sharp, stabbing, and constant.
  • Pain that causes you to limp.
  • Pain that lasts more than 2 hours after exercise or becomes worse at night.
  • Pain or swelling that does not improve with rest, medication, or hot or cold packs.
  • Large increases in swelling or your joints feel “hot” or are red.

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