“Emu oil may help to promote effective gastrointestinal system health”


Emu Oil’s is proving its worth in promoting positive gastrointestinal system health 

Research conducted over the last 10 years at a university in Adelaide using Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil is achieving significant results in demonstrating Emu Oil has a significant role to play in promoting a healthy gastrointestinal system.

“We have now done sufficient studies in the laboratory to show that Emu Oil has the potential to help reduce debilitating symptoms…”

“The study revealed that Emu Oil demonstrated enhanced recovery….”

Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil is used exclusively in all gastrointestinal research conducted at the university. Managing Director of Emu Tracks, Chris Gregory, who is President of the Emu Industry, has been working with the university for over 10 years facilitating this project.