Emu Oil offers hope

Following trials conducted at a leading Adelaide university, researchers concluded that ingesting Emu Oil on a regular basis has potential benefits for the management of a variety of common gastrointestinal issues. They believe that ingesting the oil daily may assist in promoting a healthier gastrointestinal system, and minimise the need for other treatments. Research has validated the promise for Emu Oil in such situations.

Researchers plan to build on these positive results with further and more intensive studies in which they will determine the best dosage of Emu Oil for the greatest efficacy. They speculate that the development of the habit of simply taking Emu Oil as a standard nutritional supplement may prove to be very valuable in general.

Many health conscious people the world over take Emu Oil capsules every day as a dietary supplement. It’s best to purchase Emu Oil Capsules that have been sourced from birds raised in Australia in the Aboriginal tradition. Just as with any supplement, you should strive to obtain a high quality product that is free of chemicals, artificial ingredients and fillers.

Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil is used exclusively in all gastrointestinal system health research.