Meet the Team

Emu Tracks prides itself on being the Emu Oil Expert and below are the team who make that happen.

Chris Gregory Managing Director


Chris has devoted more than 22 years in establishing Emu Tracks as Australia’s No. 1 Emu Oil company.  His dedication to creating natural and chemical free products has seen Emu Tracks grow from a small home-based operation to the efficient manufacturing facility it is in today.

Our Managing Director is responsible for all day to day management decisions and implementing the Company’s long and short term plans.

Chris is President of the Emu Industry Federation of Australia and has facilitated the majority of Emu Oil research in Australia over 17 years with leading universities and hospitals.

When Chris isn’t working (which isn’t very often) he is a keen cricket and AFL football fan and can be found at the Adelaide Oval for most games.

Michael Crilly Production Foreman


Michael is the one to thank for the great range of products that Emu Tracks produce.

You can always find him stirring the pot of something out the back in the production room.

When Michael isn’t at work he loves his sport.  He is more of a spectator than a player these days but at 194cm he was a valuable member of the local footy team.

Ivy Marketing Coordinator


Marketing is Ivy’s passion – so keep up to date with all the goings on at ET on Facebook and Instagram

In her spare time, Ivy is a keen tennis player and aspires to play at Wimbledon and the Australia Open one day.

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