Naturally Better

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and much of what you lather, splash and rub into it is absorbed into your bloodstream, so it’s vital to use safe, non-toxic products.

At Emu Tracks we believe that the ingredients we use in our products should benefit the skin, hair and body, that is why we use only the most nature range of ingredient sourced from plants, herbs and natural ingredients from Australia and around the world.

This means our products are:

·         Sulphate (SLS) Free ·         Silicone Free
·         Petrochemical-Free ·         Paraben Free
·         Ethoxylate Free ·         PEG Free
·         No Artificial Fragrance ·         No Colouring


Emu Tracks have been producing the most nature range of Emu Oil products for 21 years and we are proud of it.

Because of the gentle, plant based nature of Emu Tracks products, water waste generated after use of any product will not harm or cause build up on your plants and gardens.

We encourage our customers to save and re-use water wherever they can.


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