Our Story

This is how we grew

Founded in 1996, Emu Tracks worked hard to became the world leading specialist manufacturer of Emu Oil products in the Emu Industry. From a local business based in Adelaide market, the products become popular in major cities in Australia. In recent years, we marched into the market of Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong. In the year of 2016, we successfully launched our brand in the online market of China. Given the versatility and effectiveness of this powerful and natural remedy, the only focus of ET is delivering the highest quality Emu Oil products.  As the Emu Oil Expert, ET is the only company that is fully integrated, thereby maintaining quality and control over the entire process of rendering, formulation and manufacture.

We believe in the power of nature

Emu Tracks was founded on a commitment to producing the most natural range of Emu Oil products possible, free of harsh petrochemicals, preservatives and additives. Consumers are demanding natural based products that deliver on effectiveness and quality.

Emu Tracks does not use any chemicals or additives in the manufacturing of Emu Oil.

We are serious about healing

The Managing Director of ET – Chris Gregory, who is also President of the Emu Industry Federation of Australia and has facilitated the majority of Emu oil research in Australia over 17 years with leading universities and hospitals. The benefits of Emu Tracks products are backed by research.

Emu Tracks manufactures Bio-Active™ Emu Oil, the standard used for Emu Oil research in Australia.

ET offers the most diverse and problem specific range of Emu Oil products on the market.



“I am so proud when I see people free from pain because of the Emu Oil products we produce!”

—-Chris Gregory, Managing Director of ET

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