Powerful antibacterial & antiviral essential oils

Due to the concerns surrounding the increased proliferation of the coronavirus, frequent hand washing is the most important first line of defence.

Emu Tracks offers an antibacterial liquid wash containing natural oils to combat bacteria and viruses. The antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of Eucalyptus are combined with soothing, moisturising Emu Oil, Shea Butter and Lavender, resulting in germ-free, naturally soft, smooth skin.

Choose Emu Tracks liquid wash for better skin preservation

Specially developed for sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic formula of Emu Tracks Liquid Wash is gentle enough for the entire family as a facial cleanser, all over body application and everyday hand wash. Ideal for frequent use, dry skin and particularly effective for sufferers with skin conditions.

Selected plant-based ingredients are blended with nature’s most effective moisturisers to simultaneously cleanse and nourish while preserving the skin’s natural protective oils.

Emu Tracks liquid wash is

• Sulphate (SLS) Free
• Petrochemical Free
• Silicone Free
• Ethoxylate Free
• Paraben & PEG Free
• No Artificial Fragrance
• No Colouring

Emu Tracks Liquid Wash is Natural and won’t harm the environment.

Ingredients found in many commercial antibacterial soaps, body washes and even some cosmetics have shown to have adverse effects on human health and may even lead to bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Many are not great for the environment, contaminating our rivers and oceans, potentially harming marine life.

What our customers say

This is the best product I have found for my sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for a
quite some time now and seen a remarkable improvement in my skins appearance.


Best hand and body wash
I’ve been using this wash for some time and find it excellent for my previously dry/sensitive
skin. The flakiness has gone and my skin looks so much healthier. And it’s so economical and
easy to use too.


Tips for Washing your hands

  • Wet your hands with warm, running water and add liquid wash.
  • Rub your hands together, making a slight lather (Emu Tracks does not use aggressive foaming agents (surfactants) as many are recognised as skin irritants).
    A little less foaming does, in this case, mean kinder care of the skin.
  • Wash the front and back of hands, between your fingers and under nails for at least 20 seconds.
    The average of 5 seconds that most people spend washing their hands is not enough time to remove bacteria.
  • Rinse your hands well under warm, running water.
  • Dry hands thoroughly with a clean towel or air dryer.

Where Can I get the Emu Tracks liquid wash?

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