Pure Emu Oil 250ml & 50ml Bundle

Emu Oil has extraordinary penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties to respond quickly and provide thorough relief from symptoms.

100% Natural with no added ingredients – Proven, Safe, Highly Effective for the whole family including babies.

Targets & Relieves Symptoms Rapidly:  Arthritis, Joint Pain, Burns, Scarring, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Cradle Cap  and Nappy Rash

Pure Emu Oil is available in Capsule form to effectively target gastro-intestinal and arthritic conditions.

For February only we have bundled a 250ml & 50ml Pure Emu Oil.


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100% Pure Emu Oil.

Apply to affected area 2 – 3 times daily.

One drop is enough to cover the entire back of the hand.

If the skin remains greasy after application you have applied too much product.

Can safely be applied to broken skin


  1. Robert Newton

    Friends from Australia had let my wife in Thailand try Emu Oil and she has been very happy with the product. She does not get pimples and has noticed a nice improvement to her skin and wrinkles have faded. We have shared it with a few other people with similar results. Overall very pleased with the product.

  2. MHammond

    I was recommended Emu Tracks oil for my inflamed gums and general oral and joint health as a powerful anti inflammatory . I’ve taken it for three months now and noticed a difference! My gums are much less inflamed and my joints aren’t as painful as they are normally in these winter months. Added benefits are that my skin and nails are also much healthier looking from all the lovely Omegas and Vitamins such as A and E .
    Many thanks

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Does Emu Oil go off?

Emu oil has very good preservation properties and if maintained away from excessive light and heat will extend its effectiveness well beyond the suggested ‘Best Before’ date. All oils will oxidise over a period of time, with some oxidising quicker than others.

How should products be stored?

Emu oil products remain in suitable condition in a normal household environment. For optimum storage, Emu oil can be stored in the fridge, but not a requirement.

Does Emu Oil thicken?

Yes, this is a natural occurrence that Emu oil will thicken up in cold weather and will even turn solid. Gently warm the container to return it to its normal state.

How much product should be used?

Emu Oil is extremely economical due to its spreadable nature and remains effective at low use levels. For this reason, unlike other products, less quantity is required.

Does Emu Oil leave the skin feeling greasy?

Emu oil has superior penetrating properties that allow the oil to penetrate the stratum corneum barrier (outer layer of skin) therefore providing moisture for repairing and hydrating the skin without leaving the surface greasy. Should it be suggested that the skin remains ‘greasy’, the likelihood is that too much has been used. Emu oil is non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog the pores so the skin is able to breathe.

Why are there white grainy particles in my Pure Emu Oil?

Emu oil is comprised of essential fatty acids. When standing for a period of time the more saturated of these fatty acids within the make-up of Emu Oil tend to flock together and settle towards the bottom forming a thicker and what sometimes appears a more granular appearance. This is extremely normal especially when the temperature of the oil reduces and in colder months.
When the oil is warmed, the thicker part ‘melts’ and again mixes readily with the more liquid part. This reintegration or reheating does not affect the efficacy or function of the oil.
The heat of the human body will also melt away the grainier or thicker component.
It is completely normal that when the temperature becomes cooler, Emu Oil starts to thicken up. In the colder months, it will go completely solid.
If you prefer completely free-flowing oil, simply stand the bottle in warm water for a short time and the oil will completely integrate the ‘grainier’ parts to be a clear liquid.
Alternatively, pour a small amount into the palm of the hand and rub until the thicker component melts. This only takes a moment.
Some people use a cotton bud direct from the bottle if the oil has thickened during cold weather and is not completely free-flowing.

250ml & 50ml = 450g

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