Spring is in full bloom! A time to welcome warmer weather but also the spring irritations and allergies including itching & rashes, eczema flare ups, acne breakouts and so on.
If you are struggling with such skin issues & irritations, the following products can assist to ease the unwelcome seasonal frustrations.

Pure Emu Oil

A must have bottle to soothe all Spring related skin issues.

Hypoallergenic Pure Emu Oil quickly targets, relieves and treats skin conditions such as   

  • Itchy, irritated & dry skin
  • Inflamed, sore & angry skin
  • Flare-ups & allergy reactions
  • Redness & tenderness caused by acne

A few pumps every day is all it takes to protect, soothe, repair and hydrate.

Suitable all over the body, for all skin types and all ages and safe to use for babies.

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Anti-bacterial Liquid Wash

Specially designed for sensitive and irritated skin.

Dirt, bacteria, allergies, and excess oil can lead to clogged pores, contributing to breakouts and other skin issues. Anti-bacterial Emu Oil Liquid Wash is specially formulated with all natural ingredients that fight against bacteria and inflammation while simultaneously moisturising your skin. Suitable for face and all over application. Suitable for all ages including infants.

No Artificial Fragrances. No Colourings. No Parabens. No Sulphates. No Petrochemicals.

Available in 200ml Pump bottle or Squeeze bottle, or 1 litre Refillable size.

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Genuine Reviews from Happy Customer

Applied Pure Emu Oil 2 days and very effective. Skin heals all most overnight. Not exaggerating.


I have tried many skincare products as a skincare aficionado, however, I have never encountered a product as versatile and effective as the Emu Tracks’s Pure Emu oil. After a couple of weeks of daily application, our Eczema was less spotty, less itchy and irritating and inflammation was reduced.