Eat fat

The best-kept secret for ageing well is eating fat, particularly the saturated fats in Emu Oil and other natural fats.

That’s right, one of the world’s most demonised substances keeps us young! We need fat: it is essential for just about every bodily function, and is especially important for a youthful appearance. Our skin cell membranes are made mostly of fat. If we don’t eat quality fat, or if we eat damaged fats like vegetable oil or margarine, it becomes impossible to keep cell membranes strong and healthy. And if we don’t have strong cell membranes, we can’t keep our cells hydrated; our cells start to shrivel, and we start to wrinkle.


Cut out sugar

Reduce or avoid altogether added sugars in your diet. Sugar triggers inflammation in the body, which damages skin cells and reduces our antioxidant stores; it also breaks down collagen and elastin within the skin matrix, which are the proteins that keep skin soft, supple and youthful looking. To ensure your skin reflects your inner beauty as you age, consume natural sugars via fruits, and cut your intake of confectionery, soft drinks, baked goods, pre-packaged foods, ice-cream, and chocolate.

It’s been proven we can change our genes and retain natural youthfulness through lifestyle choices. Telomeres – the part of our chromosomes responsible for longevity and cellular ageing – break down when we are exposed to stress, toxins, and negativity. Research shows that we can not only stop this degradation but actually reverse it through these five key factors: good nutrition, pure hydration, detoxification (avoidance of toxins), stress management, and regular positive social interaction.