Emu Oil is an efficient natural remedy for healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Why Emu Oil

Premature hair loss is a problem not only for males but also for females. By age 35, about 40 percent of men would suffer from hair loss. Many women after the age of fifty are also facing hair loss.

There are three most common reasons for hair loss: hormonal change, family predisposition and hair degradation. All existing hair loss remedies require prolonged use to achieve visible results. In addition, they may have a variety of side effects.

The discovery of Emu Oil for the treatment of hair loss is considered to be a real revolution in the cosmetic industry.

Research has shown that Emu Oil is beneficial for the restoration of hair follicles. It stimulates the follicles and improves scalp condition. Numerous research projects and tests have shown that the condition of the hair improves significantly after the application of Emu Oil, it looks more vivid and begins to grow faster.

How to Use Emu Oil for Hair Loss

It is recommended to apply Emu Oil to the scalp and hair before bed. Gently massage the oil into the scalp and the hair, leaving it on overnight. Emu Oil will constantly nourish, smooth and moisturise the scalp and hair hours after application.

Wash the scalp and hair the next morning using Emu Tracks Ultra Mild Shampoo and Ultra Mild Conditioner or the products of your choice.

You can also massage a few drops of Emu Oil into the towel dried hair to perform as a heat-proof layer before blow dry.