Emu Leather Body Skin

A very soft, lightweight luxurious leather, yet strong and durable.  The leather is characterised by its unique appearance that is derived from the follicle patterns (feather pins) spread evenly over the hide.
Suitable for many applications – clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc.

Colour guide:  tan, light tan, dark tan, brown & black

The price of the skins varies from $45.00 – $160.00 per skin depending upon the grade.  Please see below.

Further enquiries and pricing should be directed to   info@emutracks.com.au

Skin Grading on Tanned Body Skins information can be found in ingredients below.
Due to strict customs regulations in most countries, we do not recommend ordering Emu Body Skins for overseas delivery.


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‘A’ Grade – Full average to large size skin with no cuts, blemishes and perfect tanning.
‘A-B’ Grade – Small A Grade skin or A Grade skin with up to 3 minor imperfections. Large B Grade skin.
‘B’ Grade – Average size skin with up to 6 minor imperfections generally to outer areas of skin.
‘B-C’ Grade – Average size skin with up to 12 minor imperfections.
‘C’ Grade – Average size skin with up to 20 minor imperfections
‘C-D’ Grade – Average size skin with multiple minor imperfections. Some useable area for small to medium cutting.
‘D’ Grade – Multiple minor and serious blemishes and imperfections.


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750g each

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