The Emu Feather is one of nature’s most unique, as it features a double plume. The Emu and its cousin the cassowary are the only birds in the world that have two feathers of the same length originating from the one quill.

The quill of the Emu Feather is quite tiny and cannot be used to hold ink like goose or ostrich feathers were in the past. The feathers are very soft as the vanes are not held together by barbs like most other bird feathers.

Emu Feathers can be used for many applications including fishing lures, clothing accents, flower arrangements, hats, bird nesting and numerous decorative arts and crafts.

The feathers are sold in 1kg bags (approximate bag size 30cm x 40cm) containing approximately 17,500 feathers per 1kg.  The feathers have a mix of premium and second-grade feathers.

Due to strict customs regulations in most countries, we cannot accept overseas orders.


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1kg = 2kg  Due to the light weight of feathers, shipping charges are calculated on dimension not weight.

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