Pure Emu Oil

Emu Oil has extraordinary penetrating properties to provide thorough relief from symptoms.

100% Natural with no added ingredients.

Targets & Relieves Symptoms Rapidly.

Pure Emu Oil is available in Capsule form to help promote general health and wellbeing.

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100% Pure Emu Oil.

Follow the directions for use. Always read the label.

Apply to affected area 2 – 3 times daily.

One drop is enough to cover the entire back of the hand.
If the skin remains greasy after application you have applied too much product.


  1. apoweroffacing (verified owner)

    More soothing than Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Sorbolene, or any number of the supposed “dermatologically tested” and hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin. Fantastic for hair and scalp treatment too.

  2. Aki

    I’m trialing emu oil on what I believe are a form of skin tag. I started using the oil just once a night after showering. It appear to have gone down in size, they are nearly flat, so, hopefully in time they will. We will see. I’ll keep an update, as to how I go.

  3. Ahmad Sarhan (verified owner)

    Been using this for my 8 year old daughter. Every time she has flare up, there will be a lot of open skin due to her scratching. She will only wants emu oil to be on her skin as she claims other moisturizer will cause stinging pain.

  4. Jayne Carter (verified owner)

    I find the 50ml oil size is a good size for travelling and handling. I would like to refill it from a larger bottle but am unable to find a way to open it to refill it. Please advise if it is refillable.

    • Eddy Emu

      Dear Jayne,

      Thank you for choosing Emu Tracks.
      Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil is 100% natural. To maximise the product’s shelf life, we have chosen airless pump packaging for 50ml & 100ml sizes of Pure Emu Oil to reduce the incidence of oxidisation.All oils over time, especially as subjected to light and heat will oxidise. Emu Tracks is the only emu oil company offering airless packaging to maintain the integrity of the oil.

      The packaging is not readily suited for refilling as the pump mechanism is pressed into the bottle. It is not a screw cap. It is possible to remove the pump mechanism with pliers, however, it does take quite a deal of force and there is a high risk of spilling the remaining contents everywhere. If you are able to pry off the pump, the cylinder disc will need depressing before filling and then strong pressure will be required to replace the pump mechanism. We would not usually recommend trying to refill this bottle.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’ll be happy to help.

      Emu Tracks Team

  5. Jennfer Hall

    My first purchase from a chemist, to use as a moisturiser on my face and neck. The pump on my Emu Tracks emu oil, 100ml container, worked the first two times I used it, then the pump would not work anymore. So, after I shake it, I have to unscrew it and use the oil that drips off the bottom of the tube. It is very comfortable on my skin, more than any other product I have ever used. I have been using Emu Tracks emu oil, for less than a week, so it is too early to notice results.

    • Eddy Emu

      Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your review and we are happy to see you are enjoying the Pure Emu Oil.
      We want to apologize for the experience you’ve had on the faulty pump.
      At Emu Tracks, we are committed to delivering the most natural product and best service that our customers expect. After we received some feedback on the faulty pumps in the past months, we have improved the packaging of Pure Emu Oil from a normal pump to an airless pump. All Pure Emu Oil 50ml &100ml are changed to AIRLESS bottles now.
      We look forward to providing a much better experience for you in many years to come.

  6. Glen McKay (verified owner)

    My wife suffers from a pain condition. She has been using the pure EMU oil for over two years now and uses no other topical product as she finds it so helpful to get temporary pain relief. She finds it to be deeply penetrating.

  7. MHammond

    I was recommended Emu Tracks oil for my sore gums and general oral and joint health. I’ve taken it for three months now and noticed a difference! My gums are better and my joints aren’t as painful as they are normally in those winter months. Added benefits are that my skin and nails are also much healthier looking from all the lovely Omegas and Vitamins such as A and E .
    Many thanks

  8. Lady Lid

    Been using it for my 8 year old daughter who is suffering from a skin condition. It works on her. I’m so happy with the results.

  9. Yvonne

    I have been using your emu oil for a few years now and find it effective for joint pain. My 90 year old father also uses it for his painful knees.
    I also find it really helps with itchy skin and bites.

  10. Topsy

    I have been very pleased with the Pure Emu Oil and apply it regularly after my shower. My skin is 80+ but has improved.

  11. Dabbie Chow

    I have tried many skincare products as a skincare aficionado, however, I have never encountered a product as versatile and effective as the Emu Tracks’s Pure Emu oil. My family started suffering from skin conditions two years ago as an effect of moving between countries with a humid and a dry weather and after seeing dermatologists and skincare doctors for help, we decided to give the Pure Emu Oil a shot as we have heard many beneficial qualities of the product and wanted to try a more natural path before taking prescribed medical creams. The results from the Emu Oil were almost immediate.
    After that, we started using the Emu oil as multi-use product, for burns, dry and dehydrated skin or as a joint-pain soother. We have purchased and tried the entire Emu Tracks range, including their lip balms, moisture soap bars (our favourite is the Lime scent however the original is also great!) and Liniment, however, another strong favourite is their Hydrating lotion. Never have I tried such quality body lotion that dries quickly, has a nice, cool and smooth texture and smells amazing on the skin! What a great overall product.
    In addition, the team at Emu Tracks were friendly and extremely helpful with introducing the product and their entire range and dealing with our enquiries. We will continue to repurchase and plan to stock up on more when we go to Australia for holiday this Autumn! A big fan from Hong Kong. All the best!

  12. SS

    This is the only oil I use on my skin now. It takes care of dehydration, itching and redness instantly. Will never use anything else.

  13. Lesley

    I had a locked shoulder and they wanted to inject it with a steroid, I refused. I went on and googled
    and Emu oil came up. After rubbing it in morning and night for a month, my shoulder was ok.
    I use it for everything, bruises, my neck, thumb joint, my bunion and especially my face morning and night. I highly recommend to everyone.

  14. Maria Paw

    Pure emu oil helps with my “heavy legs” reducing the pain in muscles and ankles. Used daily, and smoother skin comes as bonus for over 60 Y O.
    I first came across the product, when bought small aluminium bottle for I think excessive price from Pharmacy, but it did wanders. I did track down manufacturer and placed an order for 1 litre bottle, as others in my household wanted to share it too.

  15. Lottapindan

    An incredibly versatile and powerful product. This is my go to fix all -I love it! AND fragrance free so doesnt interfere with my signature scent truly a girls best friend.

  16. naig_sablon

    Finally I found something that works, this product is easy to use, and it can be delivered to France, AWESOME !

  17. Dalveen Sherwood

    I have been using Emu Oil after knee replacement surgery and I find it is really good. I would recommend this product to anyone with joint or muscle pain.

  18. Alexandra

    emu tracks Pure Emu Oil – Truely a wonderful, natural product.

    I began using Emu Tracks emu oil when it was recommend by a friend who swore by it. I’ve been using it ever since on my hands. Most recently I’ve been using it on my face, massaging it into and around a bruise sustained from an injury.

  19. jkoswald50

    I have been using Emu oil since 2008 for both skin condition and as a local massage oil on sore muscles/joints. Nothing comes close to offering relief from pain and reduction of swelling and my skin feels and looks so much healthier.

  20. solgjest

    It is very helpfull indeed!
    I am from Russia and live in the south, but, at the same time, very close to North Caucaus with its magnificent range – so it is very cold in the south. My Mon has some issues with her knees and she has tried various treatment. I travelled to Australia last November and told my australian friends about her problems. I got the answer as a bottle of pure emu oil from a local farm. I thought: ok – I could bring Emu oil to my Mom and see if it would help her. I went to Perth and shopped for Emu tracks – 25ml. When I got back to Russia it was December and my Mom was in pain. She used Emu tracks every day and felt better. After that I found your webpage and ordered 250 ml Emu oil and pills for her and two smaller bottles for my aunts. Mom felt better. I am ready to buy her a new bottle for one liter Emu oil to help her and send warm greetings from Australia.

  21. Larissa

    Love this stuff!
    I purchased this a while ago after reading about how hydrating emu oil is for sensitive skin. I love this stuff and use it all over my body and on my face. Have never reacted to it and it really penetrates deep into the epidermis. It’s great for Winter, when my skin needs a little extra. Highly recommend!

  22. Chris Cheng

    Emu Oil – Best gift option from Australia
    I love the liniment and emu oil. I sent several bottles of emu oil back to China as gifts, they love it. Recently, I heard some feedback from my friends who has a baby, they told me the emu oil is very helpful for baby. they will keep order more from me.

    Good gift choice, at least the emu can represent Australia.

  23. Veronica Lim

    Emu for Eczema
    I bought the Emu Oil for my son’s eczema on his ankles and wrists, after 1 month of continuous application every night after his shower, his skin condition has improved tremendously. It’s now smooth and supple. I have finally found the right answer to treat his eczema – Emu Oil!!

  24. Elvina McFaul

    Shoulder/Neck/Spine pain relief
    I have used this oil for shoulder/neck/spine pain relief for over a year now. Beats swallowing chemical medication hands down and just as effective. Need more now.

  25. Jo-Ann Sy

    Great relief for joint pain and muscular aches
    We have been using emu oil for several years and we have proven that it provides great relief. It’s really a must to have one at home. I have already introduced this product to my family overseas, and they are asking if I could give them some more.

  26. Thuyen

    Extremely good product
    A friend recommended this oil to me and I use it every night, it really does help and does its job. Now I’m back to buy more for my mum and relatives.

  27. Suzanne

    Wonder Oil
    I have been using this oil for a couple of years now and it is one product I use every day. I find it keeps the pain at bay in my shoulders and back. I apply it every day as a body moisturiser, use it on my grandson when he has signs of nappy rash. It is a versatile product which everyone should have in their home. Love it!!!

  28. Mary Gray

    Emu Oil for acne
    I have two teenagers who are prone to acne. Thanks to Pure Emu Oil! It is the only product that actually works. In just two to three days, you can see the difference.

  29. Mrs Thi

    Very Good
    Very good product that I will continue using. It works very well for my sore muscles and joints. I recommend using this oil for body massage. Very worth the money

  30. Elvina McFaul

    Reduces Pain
    I have multiple problems with both shoulders. This emu oil combined with Muscle & Joint Balm twice a day reduces the pain from 9 / 10 to a liveable level of 3 / 10. Wonderful stuff. Am reordering for myself and two friends who are both keen to “give it a go”.

  31. Alfred

    I just love the Emu Oil
    I just love it, I use it as a full body moisturiser. I found it is a brilliant moisturiser. I am 67 years old and it makes my skin the most youthful!

  32. Phuong Bui

    Was recommended by a friend who does body massages to try this oil for pain and sore joint relief and I’ve found it works so well! My daughter has tried it on her skin and she finds that her skin is very plump and moisturised the next morning. I’m back to buy another 3 bottles for my friends to try out!

  33. Lidia

    This product is excellent
    I think the product is excellent! I have been using it since last Nov, it has done wonders to my knees. My specialist recommends Emu Tracks pure emu oil for the dry skin on my legs and it takes away the itch!

  34. Valerie Donald

    Emu Oil 100ml
    I have only had this oil for a few days and I am amazed at how good it is. I will certainly keep using it. I am about to buy some for my 2 daughters

  35. Catherine Broadley

    Very pleased with the product
    Great relief and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  36. Grace

    Saviour Oil
    I have acne and redness on my face for about two years. Thank you for this wonderful product! Should have tried it long ago!

  37. Isabella

    I love Emu Oil
    Emu oil is a very important part of my daily life. I use it lots and I have noticed a big difference in my skin. Thanks, emu oil makers

  38. Tammy

    Finally, something that works!!!
    What an amazing product. Been using it for 6 months now. I found it very moisturising and it helped with the itch. Love it and I highly recommend this product.

  39. Ashlee

    Liquid Gold!!!!!!
    I’m a first time mom and pregnancy was a nightmare, I have been using emu oil twice a day for the past two weeks and I can already see a huge difference, not only with the scaring but with the wrinkles too, I am so grateful for this product, it has made a huge difference for me and my self-confidence

  40. Wendy

    Finally something that works
    I have suffered from very red and flaking skin for two years. I have tried so many moisturisers but nothing worked for longer than a couple of weeks.
    I have now been using EMU OIL for 4 weeks now and within three days the redness disappeared. Thanks for a wonderful product. I just wish I found it earlier!

  41. Deb Quin

    I have a problem with every cream I have tried. This moisturiser has softened my lines around my eyes and the redness on my nose is clearing up after only a week. Best results I have ever had. At 56 I don’t expect miracles’ but see one in the mirror!

  42. Cathy Velentzas

    Using Emu Oil products for 18 years
    I have been using Emu Oil products for 18 years since 1996 and it has staved off ageing, my skin has minimum wrinkles as a result.

  43. Terry

    Hair regrowth and a great deal of skin suppleness and smoothness
    I purchased this oil from a health food shop after having read some of the skin care benefits of it and did not use it for a couple of weeks until one night when I remembered I had it a week or so ago on our little Jack Russell who was rapidly losing hair and was itching and licking constantly, suffering from a bad case of mites. He has had lots of injections from the vet, antibiotics, creams etc. and it has all caused him a lot of distress over this past year, well after much researching we changed his diet to mostly raw foods, included avocado oil, cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar and a healthy skin powder I made up with hemp protein and then I remembered the emu oil, (I had previously been applying grapeseed oil for quick absorbency and to relieve his skin condition as much as possible, which did help to soften and moisturize his skin). Now, after only a week and a few days of using the emu oil, we are seeing hair re-growth and a great deal of skin suppleness & smoothness, far less itching and licking and much skin healing. I am quite pleasantly amazed that his hair is now re-growing (we thought he had lost it completely). So it appears, at present, we have found the solution with a raw diet and oils, now I have seen the results for myself I will continue with this treatment and have purchased the ‘vet oil’ from this site and pet shampoo and also more emu oil for us humans along with shampoo & conditioner, I am now also beginning to use it on my face but would have run out (using it on our dog) soon so have ordered more. I am very happy with the results so far with our little Jack Russell (and so is he).

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Does Emu Oil go off?

Emu oil has very good preservation properties and if maintained away from excessive light and heat will extend its effectiveness well beyond the suggested ‘Best Before’ date. All oils will oxidise over a period of time, with some oxidising quicker than others.

How should products be stored?

Emu oil products remain in suitable condition in a normal household environment. For optimum storage, Emu oil can be stored in the fridge, but not a requirement.

Does Emu Oil thicken?

Yes, this is a natural occurrence that Emu oil will thicken up in cold weather and will even turn solid. Gently warm the container to return it to its normal state.

How much product should be used?

Emu Oil is extremely economical due to its spreadable nature and remains effective at low use levels. For this reason, unlike other products, less quantity is required.

Does Emu Oil leave the skin feeling greasy?

Emu oil has superior penetrating properties that allows the oil to penetrate the stratum corneum barrier (outer layer of skin) therefore providing moisture for repairing and hydrating the skin without leaving the surface greasy. Should it be suggested that the skin remains ‘greasy’, the likelihood is that too much has been used. Emu oil is non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog the pores so the skin is able to breathe.

Why are there white grainy particles in my Pure Emu Oil?

Emu oil is comprised of essential fatty acids. When standing for a period of time the more saturated of these fatty acids within the make-up of Emu Oil tend to flock together and settle towards the bottom forming a thicker and what sometimes appears a more granular appearance. This is extremely normal especially when the temperature of the oil reduces and in colder months.

When the oil is warmed, the thicker part ‘melts’ and again mixes readily with the more liquid part. This reintegration or reheating does not affect the efficacy or function of the oil.
The heat of the human body will also melt away the grainier or thicker component.
It is completely normal that when the temperature becomes cooler, Emu Oil starts to thicken up. In the colder months, it will go completely solid.

If you prefer completely free flowing oil, simply stand the bottle in warm water for a short time and the oil will completely integrate the ‘grainier’ parts to be a clear liquid.
Alternatively, pour a small amount into the palm of the hand and rub until the thicker component melts. This only takes a moment. Some people use a cotton bud direct from the bottle if the oil has thickened during cold weather and is not completely free flowing.

50ml = 88g

100ml = 143g

250ml = 317g

1 L = 1.08kg

10ml = 70g

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