Vet Grade Emu Oil

Emu Oil can be used for multiple applications on all animals.

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100% Pure Emu Oil

Follow the directions for use. Always read the label

Apply sparingly 2 to 3 times daily.

One drop covers an area equal to the back of the human hand.



  1. Alice McManus

    Would just like to say that I have been using the Vet Grade Emu Oil on my 12 year old Quarter horse for the last 6 years and absolutely love it. You can visually notice a difference if he isn’t on his morning supplements of Emu Oil. I am excited to try the Emu Oil Caps !

  2. Susanna Duveen

    Vet Grade Oil for my horses hooves
    I have been using Emu Tracks Vet Grade Oil for several years now on the hooves of my horses.
    In varying weather and environment conditions, it has made a huge difference to the condition of their feet.
    Every now and then, I am beguiled by some smart advertising of a new product for hoof health, but I always come back to my Emu Oil.
    There is a side benefit too. After applying to my horses feet, I rub it well in to my poor hands, and it really helps me too.
    I am about to place another order for the 1 litre bottles, one of which will go to South Africa for my sister’s barn of horses.

  3. Terry

    Hair regrowth and a great deal of skin suppleness & smoothness
    I purchased this oil from a health food shop after having read some of the skin care benefits for it and did not use it for a couple of weeks until one night when I remembered I had it a week or so ago on our little Jack Russell who was rapidly losing hair and was itching and licking constantly, suffering from a bad case of mites. He has had lots of injections from the vet, antibiotics, creams etc. and it has all caused him a lot of distress over this past year, well after much researching we changed his diet to mostly raw foods, included avocado oil, cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar and a healthy skin powder I made up with hemp protein and then I remembered the emu oil, (I had previously been applying grapeseed oil for quick absorbency and to relieve his skin condition as much as possible, which did help to soften and moisturize his skin). Now, after only a week and a few days of using the emu oil, we are seeing hair re-growth and a great deal of skin suppleness & smoothness, far less itching and licking and much skin healing. I am quite pleasantly amazed that his hair is now re-growing (we thought he had lost it completely). So it appears, at present, we have found the solution with a raw diet and oils, now I have seen the results for myself I will continue with this treatment and have purchased the ‘vet oil’ from this site and pet shampoo and also more emu oil for us humans along with shampoo & conditioner, I am now also beginning to use it on my face but would have run out (using it on our dog) soon so have ordered more. I am very happy with the results so far with our little Jack Russell (and so is he).

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250ml = 270g

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